B&D League Home v Fry’s 29.06.23

Won 57-31: 10 points

As the “Sage of Redland “, Jim Russell said this seemed like a proper game of bowls, with us having to pull out all the stops to get the win/10 points.

At one stage I was concerned that we might lose overall and was happy to contemplate perhaps not winning the game but winning on 2 rinks, at 9 ends we were just 6 shots up.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy, was not so much a steamroller this week more like a small compress!

A very low scoring game against a very good rink from Fry’s and we were always behind to end 10 but then winning the last 4 ends we finished 13-9 in front.

Editors Note: The result of this match was down to Jim bowling an excellent running wood near the end when Redland were 4 down gaining the shot………

On Roger’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Jon it was a different story, always in front and winning a very solid 22-12.

On Josh’s rink, again always in front and again a solid 22-10 win.

Interestingly at end 13 we were only 14 up overall, but not doing the historical Redland “trick” of slipping away we won 10 out of the last 12 ends.

Well done to all once again, onto the “vagaries/challenges” of the Imperial green next week.

PS A senior member who shall remain nameless complained to me “this lager tastes like cider?” Yes Andy that’s because you drew it from the cider tap!-it makes you wonder? Oh sorry did mention the name after all 🙂

PPS Best wishes and good luck from everyone go to Andy and Jim in their Glos Pairs quarter final match at Barnwood on Friday evening.