B&D League Division 2, Thursday 20.07.23: Away Severnvale

Won 55-39:  6 points

Generally, winning by 16 shots, a team should bag 8 points, but it was not to be, although our points cushion against our nearest league rivals did increase.

On Josh’s rink with Larry, Kev and Gerry, Josh and Larry were celebrating their birthdays. Josh still claiming he’s under 25 (which seems wrong as my belief is that he has been playing for at least 20 years!) and Larry certainly not claiming to be under 25, it was not to be a birthday “party” with the rink losing 12-17.

Meanwhile on Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and “the special one”, they went off like a rocket to be 16-2 and could of eased off but kept up the pressure to win 31-9.

Editor’s Note: Perhaps after his win against Jim in the Club Championship this week the title of “special one” should now go to Mark? 😉

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Mike and Mark they were in front until end 9 but started to slip behind, came back and went into the last end all square. With the other rinks having finished and therefore looking on/supporting we were holding one until the opposition skip bowled a great wood to just sneak in for shot, we just couldn’t get the extra 2 points but a great effort.

It was one of those games where if one rink goes a lot in front you can get lulled into a false sense of security and at one point, about half way through, we were only 7 up on the game, but with  the big win on Jim’s rink and the other rinks keeping it fairly tight we did actually win.

Another one ticked off, ,another win, still on the right trail but we need to keep pushing on – Home to Ardagh next week.

Editor’s Note: I think following his defeat to Mark in the week Jim came to this game with something to prove and I have to say he had a fantastic game drawing the shot or playing woods out of the head end after end and was the main reason for the big win – well played skip……..