B & D v Knowle won 54- 41 : 8 points

The most surprising thing about tonight was that we won a game without Jim or Andy playing, it’s almost unbelievable (at least in Andy’s world!) but win we did.

And we all wish Andy and Jim the very best tomorrow in their senior pairs game at the national finals [editors note success in Round one 15-14] Round 2 starting 13:00 18th August.

There’s always something to grapple with at Redland and with Gerry’s car breaking down at 4:45 and awaiting the AA, we had to make a decision to play one short or  “collar” somebody…,at that moment Keith Williams “drove in ” for a quiet night watching.

” Keith, go home get your Redland shirt – you are playing”

Many thanks to Keith for his quick response and support for the club and team.

On Josh’s rink with Larry,Jake and Phil won 21-10

On Roger’s  rink with Mike Ingham, super sub Keith and Jon won 20-15

On Wills rink with Calvin,Trev and Kev lost 13 – 16

Well done everybody, further pushing our commanding lead at the top of the table.

Thanks,also to Jim Gregory for his continuing support 

Last game of the season next week at Henleaze