28.05.23: Bowls England Two Rink

Home to Olveston

Lost 19-37( conceded at 16 ends)

When you are up against Olveston everyone has to be on top form, unfortunately this wasn’t the case this morning and I would suggest this was virtually the best team Olveston could field.

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Vince Redland went off extremely well to go 14-5 up at 9 ends while on RKJ’s rink with Kev, Larry and Andy they were 2-11 down, so actually level on the game. Unfortunately Jim’s crew conceded a 5 and on Roger’s rink it seemed impossible for our boys to win an end with the Olveston number 2, Dave Wiggall, having a particularly good game and the match slipped away from us

No shame in losing to 2 Olveston rinks of which 7 out of 8 players have already qualified for the National Championships at Leamington later in the year.

Finally thanks to the two Keith’s and Mike Ingham for their valued support.