22.06.23: B&D League Division 2 v Henleaze (Home)

Redland 67, Henleaze 30: 8 points

Halfway through the season and things are going well, we are top of the Division, with no complacency creeping in, just bowling as well as we know we can and we can enter the second half with confidence. But there is certainly still a job to do.

On Roger’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Mark Powell, having his B&D debut, there was some debate about whether moving “The Special One” off of the rink would have a devastating effect, but drafting Mark in seemed to steady the ship and in fact this rink had its biggest win all season, so the “Special One’s” absence was of little consequence ( I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion).

Roger very graciously said the win was all down to the front three: “They bowled well,  I just stood about.”

There might be something in that Rog, but sorry, if a rink wins by that many the skip must have had something to do with it!

Final score 36-7.

Editor’s Note: Andy has been giving some coaching to Mark on the Lead position and various tactics. Unfortunately this coaching seems to have extended to how to bowl a wrong bias!!!! And with Roger also bowling a wrong bias later in the match this must be some kind of Redland record for one rink in one game? 😉

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Andy the main initial interest was Trev’s new outfit, with new shorts and shoes he definitely looked like a “proper bowler”. The question was did his bowls know this? Clearly they did and he had a really good game.

With this rink having the transferred “Special One ” it was more of a struggle (I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions!)

Editor’s Note: Yes indeed, thank god I was there………. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Going 13-4 up all was going well although the opposition pegged back to 13-8 at 14 ends and whilst by this time the whole game was won there was some concern about whether we could get the extra 2 points for a win on this rink, but bowling the last three ends well it ended a comfortable 19-8 win.

On Josh’s rink with Kev, Gerry and Jon it was a bit of a damp squibb, always behind but winning 5 of the last six ends the extra 2 points was in play, but was not to be due to some excellent bowling by the Henleaze skip and ended 12-15 down.

Busy week next week, let’s hope all goes well.