01.06.23: B&D League Division 2 v Victoria Park (Home)

WON 68-28 10 Points

Another job well done

I wanted to go into our “rest” week with no concern about who might catch us up or who was playing who and winning our first 6 games we (I) can relax a little.

On RKJ’s rink with Calvin, Larry and Andy, this week was a reversal of last and only dropping ones finished 23-12 although this slightly flattered our opponents as we dropped a 6 on the 16th end, perhaps the stage of the game at which some concentration was lost? but a competent win nevertheless.

Editors Note: “Competent win” (23-12!) – Our esteemed leader is setting very high standards…….and has he considered that on this particular end the opposition simply bowled extremely well? 😉

On Josh’s rink with Kev, Mike and Jon a similar story and with Jon having a cracking game we were never in trouble and also having most of the good fortune we conceded only 3 ends to run out 30-4 up.

Editors Note: Sorry another one. Half way through the game Kevin was seen to sidle up to Jon and ask “How do you see your future in bowls progressing Jon?” I can only ask that our esteemed leader does not do this in future as it is likely to scare the new members off!

On Jim’s rink with Will, Trev and Vince, this week it was more of a struggle, but chaps you can’t do it every  week and with the game won across the board it was a matter of squeezing out the last 2 points. We were never behind and ended 15-12 up.

P.S. Over on Josh’s rink he sent a wood up 2 yards short and Kevin proclaimed “Josh you’re turning into me” – to which Andy was heard to reply, “No Kev, I don’t think even in his worst nightmare Josh is in any danger of turning into you!” 🙂

Anyway well done all, a rest week next Thursday but on to the League Cup games next Tuesday.

PS. For those that are interested we have a Glos Triples match on Monday evening at 6pm between two Redland teams battling to get to the final stages of this competition. Any and all support for both teams would be welcome.